• Beirut, Lebanon

Panels Workshop – DAY 1

This conference is a three-day event that features engaging panel discussions, how-to workshops, and a closed one-day meeting through which we aim to start a regional dialogue with feminists and other progressive actors on advancing feminist digital media and pave the way to create a network of progressive and feminist actors who can better organize and influence the narratives around feminist and social justice issues in the region. Participants will be able to engage with like-minded individuals while also learning more about how to make their feminist content and messaging more intersectional, relatable and engaging. 

In the dynamic era of digital media, a lot of feminist campaigns have emerged, with a powerful online presence. Some campaigns have been instrumental in driving shifts in social and cultural behavior, while others managed to push for policy changes. On the other hand, some campaigns have led to significant backlash and were accused of harming or diluting feminist causes rather than promoting them. 

This panel aims to explore the factors that shape a successful feminist campaign and will look at the importance of balancing between qualitative and quantitative results without compromising credibility, values, and messaging. It will be exploring limitations, challenges and successes of online feminist campaigning efforts across the region and will offer tips on navigating obstacles posed by societal norms, digital constraints, and individual behavior. 

Speakers: Rana Khoury, Sanaa Khoury , Lina Atallah, Reem Bin Rajab , Iman Ammara

Moderator: Farah Daibes

Duration: 90 minutes