• Beirut, Lebanon

About SHifة


 is a one-of-a-kind, 3 days long, regional digital media forum that will constitute a groundbreaking occurrence for a wide range of actors to come together and think collectively about how to tackle media’s structural disparities and build on a collaborative system to create an inclusive and transformative media landscape. The forum will feature panels, workshops, and grounds for networking in order to situate and acknowledge the need for more intersectional feminist-based media that will shift the course of the dialogue and grow a more contextualized social and political consciousness of the feminist movement in the Arab world.
 is an initiative by No2ta, the feminist lab.
NO2TA became a leading pioneer of intersectional feminist production that aims to counter the mainstream oppressive narrative in virtual spaces. With the increasing challenges that women face in the Arab world that restrict their rights and opportunities and the booming of digital media that was met with an increase in the biased narrative against women, it became evident that a new set of rules needs to be established with a unique focus on creating feminist content in accessible formats in order to raise awareness and advocate for gender equality. All this while supporting other media actors to adopt a feminist rights-based approach while producing communication material or promoting women’s rights through advocacy campaigns.